TC-X² Universal Trigger Interface

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New MkII version of the TC-X Universal Trigger Interface. Provides two independent trigger/gate converters that will convert V-Trig to S-Trig and S-Trig to V-Trig. Automatically converts incoming gate or trigger signal and both channels can perform either type of conversion. Compatible with most vintage synths from Roland, Korg, Moog, Oberheim, Sequential Circuits, ARP, Yamaha and more. Requires a DC power supply in the range of 5v to 15v negative tip, 2.1mm plug. The gate voltage when converting S-Trig to V-Trig is dependent on the power supply used - a 9v supply will give a 9v gate or trigger signal, a 12v supply will give a 12v gate etc. Most synthesizers will trigger with a 9v gate but some will require a higher voltage. A multi voltage type power supply is recommended as it allows you to adjust the gate voltage level to suit your particular synth. Please note that a power supply is NOT included due to the various worldwide plug types and mains voltages - they are easy to obtain locally if you don’t already have one in your studio. If you can’t find a suitable psu I can supply a 9v adapter - HERE.

Inputs and outputs are 3.5mm mini-jack. ABS case with non-slip rubber feet. Power On led indicator.

Contact me if you have custom requirements - I can provide multi channel units, standard 6.35mm jack versions etc.

Mini-Jack to Standard Jack cables available HERE

Can be used without a power supply for V-Trig to S-Trig conversion in most cases - Yamaha CS range will require a power supply though.

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