Boss DR-55 Start Stop Write switch replacement set

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Replacement switch assemblies for Boss DR-55 start stop write functions. Consists of new Futaba (Japan) Key switch plus adapter pcb to fit the original Alps switch footprint. Original Boss key caps fit very nicely. A cost effective way to restore your DR-55. Also suitable for the Soundmaster SR-88, Stix and other “memory rhythm” machines that use this type of switch.

Note: When fitting replacement switches, care should be taken with alignment to ensure that the cap doesn’t foul the casing when the machine is reassembled. The height of the switch can be lowered if necessary by removing the spacers on the pcb pins. I recommend fitting the DR-55 pcb to the casing temporarily and place the switches (with caps fitted) in position to verify that everything is ok before soldering.

(Switch caps not included - for illustration only)

Price is for two switches.

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Note: Requires soldering. Please only attempt switch replacement if you are confident you have the skills to do so. If in doubt ask a synth tech to do the work for you. If you have a DR-55 that needs servicing or repair feel free to contact me.

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