Roland SH-09 VCF CV Input

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Kit to add a filter CV input socket to the Roland SH-09 synthesizer. Kit includes pre-wired 3.5mm jack socket (Cliff UK) with integral resistor, label, installation instructions. Socket can be mounted on the front or rear panel to suit user's requirements. Provides external control of filter cutoff via midi to cv converters or other analogue gear such as sequencers and modulars etc.

I’m generally not a fan of modifying precious vintage gear but adding external filter voltage control opens up a whole range of new sound possibilities.

There are a few ways to accomplish a filter CV input on the SH-09 - this installation is very straightforward, simply routing to the VCF control voltage summing input via the integral resistor, no extra switch required.

Basic soldering and metalworking skills are required so please only attempt this installation if you have the experience to do so.

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