Roland Momentary Switch TR-808, System 100m etc

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Momentary push button switch with red cap. Used in many Roland machines including TR-808, System 100m, System 100 Model 101, SH-3a etc. These are original Japan made switches, PCB mount with a 'push to make' action, very close match to the original Roland switches. Although I'm listing these as "used" they have been removed from un-used midi interfaces so may have traces of solder on the pins - but have not seen any action. It's quite hard to find good quality replacement switches of this type and if keeping your gear as original as possible is important to you these may be of interest.

Note: These switches do not come with panel mounting nuts - they are PCB mount. Contact me if you need panel mount nut/washer.

SOLD OUT - limited number available again soon - contact me if you need this switch.

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