Slide Switch 2 Position DPDT

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DPDT slide switch. 2 Position PCB mount by Stackpole USA. Long actuator, extended pcb pins. These switches are new old stock, the pins are a little tarnished having been stored for many years but they are nice quality. I've found it increasingly difficult to obtain replacement slide switches for various vintage synthesizers and sometimes have to find something and make it work... these switches are an example of just that. Although not an exact fit, I've used them for emergency repairs to Micromoogs and Multimoogs.... the actuator lever needs to be shortened and the PCB pin spacing is slightly wider than the original switches so some creativity is required to make them fit. Not ideal, but better than having no switch at all... at least until an exact match can be found.

PCB pin pitch is 5/16" (7.9mm)

It's possible that these switches will fit other equipment that requires standard size slide switches, pcb mounted, so I've included photos of the switch measurements... please check your requirements carefully. Any questions, just ask.

I'm offering these switches in the hope that they may help you out with repairs - finding original slide switches is becoming very difficult. As I can't guarantee that they will fit your particular synth I'm happy to accept returns and provide a refund.

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