Roland TR-808 Start/Stop switch replacement Cherry MX

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*DISCONTINUED* - Now replaced with alternative Futaba key switch assembly. Details HERE

Replacement switch assembly for Roland TR-808 Start/Stop or Tap functions. Consists of new Cherry MX momentary switch and adapter PCB to fit original switch footprint. It has become very hard to source the original Alps switch used in the 808 and repairing them is not straightforward - lots of very good research on this is available on the www including Robin Whittle's detailed info on 808 switches amongst others.

If you have non-functioning Start/Stop or Tap switches these new Cherry MX plus adapter pcb assemblies are a viable solution - not entirely perfect as the original switch caps will either need to be glued to the switch stem or new 3D printed caps sourced. The 'cross' shaped stem is slightly narrower on these new switches and fitting the original caps is quite tricky... but not impossible. 3D printed new caps are recommended as these are specifically designed to fit the Cherry MX switch stem. Please note I do not supply new caps - they are available elsewhere on the internet.

I recently had some of these adapter PCBs manufactured in order to restore various machines which happen to use the same type of Alps momentary switch as the 808. As a result, I have a limited number left over and make them available for anyone wishing to replace the switches on their TR-808 or MC-4. I can supply these pre-assembled or separately (switch, pcb, pins) - state with order or message. Please only attempt switch replacement if you have the skills to do so - if in doubt get a synth tech to do it for you. If you need advice - please contact me.

NOW SOLD OUT. New version with Futaba key switch available HERE

I also have a limited number of original Alps “Start/Stop” or “Tap” switches available HERE 

You can find details on how to make your own switches and caps at Minisystem's github page. Credit goes to him and others who developed these resources enabling us to restore and maintain these classic machines.

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