VCO Custom Series Synthesizer Module

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System J VCO eurorack module inspired by the classic oscillators of the 70s, notably the SH-5 and System 100, and, while not a direct clone, it shares some functionality and the raw vintage sound of those mid 70s synths.
Like the 100 it features a variable wide-range frequency control (10Hz to 10KHz) making it useful for modulation duties as well as standard musical tones. Four waveform outputs are available - saw, square, triangle and sine. It features a dedicated V/Oct CV input plus two further pitch CV inputs with attenuators. Linear FM, hard sync and two PWM inputs are also provided. Tracking is stable and accurate across 8-9 octaves. Screen printed black anodised aluminium panel. Width 16hp. Depth 35mm. Limited edition run of 20 units.

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