Transcendent VCF Voltage Controlled Filter Module

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After recently designing some custom circuits for a client I've decided to make a few of them available as limited run eurorack modules - the first of these is the Transcendent VCF. Modules are custom built using mostly NOS through hole components in keeping with the original circuits and style. Panel is screen printed anodised black aluminium. This module is fairly deep at 67mm so please make sure that it will fit in your modular case. Limited run of 20 production units only. Available from June 25th. Demo clips coming soon...

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Module Details:

The Transcendent VCF takes its inspiration from the classic British mono synth of the 1970s and, while not a direct clone, it brings the distinctive and unique character of that well-loved machine to the eurorack world.


The filter is a 2 pole, 12db/oct design with selectable low pass and band pass response. The resonance behaviour is quirky and unpredictable and is key to the unique sound of the Transcendent - as you advance the resonance control there are many sweet spots to explore, from subtle harmonics to howling resonant peaks.

 At high resonance levels the filter will self oscillate and can be utilised as a sine wave oscillator.

CV1 input is scaled for a v/oct response and can be used for key follow effects as well as standard modulation. It has its own attenuator.

CV2 input has a wider range and is suitable for deeper modulation duties - from an LFO or envelope generator for example. It also has its own attenuator.

Two audio signal inputs are available, both with dedicated attenuators.

The final output also features a level control.




Width: 16hp

Depth: 67mm

Current draw: +12v 20ma, -12v 20ma

Frequency: <8hz - 18khz

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