*SOLD* Korg SR-120 Mini Pops Vintage Analogue Drum Machine

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Korg SR-120 Mini Pops - analogue drum machine from around '76-'79. The SR-120 was the last in Korg's Mini Pops series of rhythm machines and was produced in two versions - a wooden case in the CR-78 style and this portable suitcase version. It is probably the most flexible in terms of features. It's a preset machine but all rhythms have variations and can be combined to create some interesting patterns. Variations and fill-ins can be selected manually or automatically and there is also a quirky fade in/out feature that is very 1970s! The drum sounds are full of character and it makes a good alternative to the Rolands of the era. It is also  a good candidate for modifications if that's your thing - individual outputs and external or MIDI triggers are possible to add.

This one is in very nice condition, it is fully serviced and working well. It comes complete with it's original case lid. UK/EU voltage 220v. Contact me if you need further info.


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