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Limited Edition of the GA-1 Gate Amplifier. Roland System 100 and SH-5 design. A two channel version is available for System 101 & 102 users - contact me if you require a two channel version.

The standard 5 volt gate signals used by most modern gear including Eurorack systems and sequencers will not trigger a number of vintage synthesizers that require a higher gate voltage to trigger their envelopes - some early Roland synths including the System 100 (101,102), SH-5, some ARP, Oberheim and Sequential Circuits machines all need a higher gate voltage. The GA-1 Gate Amplifier will take a 5v gate signal and boost it to the supply voltage of your chosen DC power adapter - a 9v supply will give a gate voltage output of 9v, a 12v supply will give you a 12v gate etc. A multi voltage type DC power supply is ideal as you can adjust the output to suit your particular synth.

The GA-1 is a basic transistor amplifier circuit. A simple and inexpensive way to boost gate voltages without the need to modify valuable vintage synths. If you would like to build this circuit yourself I have provided the schematic on the tech page here.

Requires a DC power supply in the range 9-15v, NEGATIVE TIP (centre negative), 2.1mm plug. Due to the many different plug types and mains voltages around the world it is not economical for me to supply a DC adapter. These are easily sourced locally if you don't already have one in your studio. (I can supply a suitable psu for an additional fee if you have trouble finding one - contact me if required.)

Supplied with 6.35mm jack sockets as standard. Mini jacks (3.5mm) available on request.

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