BB-1 Backup Battery Replacement Juno 60 etc

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Replacement backup battery holder originally designed for the Roland Juno 60 but suitable for many machines where you might want to move the battery location to somewhere more accessible or to reduce the risk of any leaks onto sensitive PCBs. Intended for machines that use non-rechargeable batteries but can also be used to replace NiCads/NiMH type batteries with small circuit modifications (Polysix, JP-4 etc) - but please make sure you have the experience to do this before attempting the installation.

Fitted with a two pin Molex header & wiring for easy connection and check points to test battery voltage. Mounting location can be chosen by the user to suit his/her own requirements. PCB size 36 x 44mm.

Requires soldering and a good understanding of the circuit specific to your machine - only attempt installation if you are confident that you have the skills to do so. If in doubt, ask a synth tech to do the work for you.

Available with either CR2032 coin cell or higher capacity 1/2AA lithium battery included.

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