Roland CR-5000 CompuRhythm Vintage Analogue Drum Machine


Roland CR-5000 CompuRhythm Vintage Analogue Drum Machine

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Roland CR-5000 CompuRhythm analogue drum machine from 1982. Very similar to the 8000 but without programmability. Preset rhythms can be combined to create more complex patterns. Features various fills & intro patterns and also sounds can be added via the rhythm arranger.

Very nice condition apart from a small hairline crack to the front casing edge which has been repaired at some point in it’s life. The rest of the machine is excellent, no discolouration or other marks to the plastic and all controls, switches and pots are smooth and working like new. This is a 117v U.S model and will require a step down transformer for use in the U.K and Europe. I can provide one for U.K buyers. Contact me if you require any further details.

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