TC-X Universal Trigger Interface


TC-X Universal Trigger Interface

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The TC-X combines the features of both TC-1 and TC-2. It will convert V-Trig to S-Trig or S-Trig to V-Trig. Compatible with most vintage synthesizer equipment from Roland, Korg, Moog, ARP, Sequential Circuits, Oberheim, Yamaha etc. Requires a DC power supply in the range 5v to 12v centre negative, 2.1mm plug - NOT SUPPLIED. When using in S-Trig to V-Trig mode the output gate voltage is dependent on the DC power supply used - a 5v supply will give approx 5v gate. A 9v supply will give a 9v gate etc. Most modern gear uses 5v gate voltage as standard. Vintage synths will require a higher voltage to trigger. A multi-voltage type DC power adapter is ideal as it allows you to select the best voltage output to suit your gear.

Can be used without DC power supply for V-Trig to S-Trig conversion Korg, Moog. (Yamaha CS requires power supply)


TC-X User Guide here



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